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  1. 48个逻辑比特——原子阵列量子计算新突破.
    陈, 文兰 and 胡, 嘉仲 and 顾, 颖飞 and 翟, 荟
    物理 53,50-52 (2024).

  2. 2023

  3. Universal Quantum Optimization with Cold Atoms in an Optical Cavity.
    Ye, Meng and Tian, Ye and Lin, Jian and Luo, Yuchen and You, Jiaqi and Hu, Jiazhong and Zhang, Wenjun and Chen, Wenlan and Li, Xiaopeng.
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 131,103601 (2023).

  4. Kernel function based quantum algorithms for finite temperature quantum simulation.
    Wang, Hai and Nan, Jue and Zhang, Tao and Qiu, Xingze and Chen, Wenlan and Li, Xiaopeng.
    Phys. Rev. B 108,085102 (2023).

  5. Calibrating the Absorption Imaging of Cold Atoms under High Magnetic Fields.
    Liu, Yuqi and Zhang, Zhongchi and Miao, Shiwan and Zhao, Zihan and Wang, Huaichuan and Chen, Wenlan and Hu, Jiazhong.
    Phys. Rev. Appl. 20,014037 (2023).

  6. Accelerating the Assembly of Defect-Free Atomic Arrays with Maximum Parallelisms.
    Wang, Shuai and Zhang, Wenjun and Zhang, Tao and Mei, Shuyao and Wang, Yuqing and Hu, Jiazhong and Chen, Wenlan.
    Phys. Rev. Appl. 19,054032 (2023).

  7. Probing quantum phase transition point by tuning an external anti trap.
    Liang, Libo and Wang, Yuqing and Huang, Qi and Zheng, Qinpei and Chen, Xuzong and Hu, Jiazhong.
    Optics Express 31,16743--16753 (2023).

  8. 镜面加工装置.
    王帅, 张韬, 田天, 胡嘉仲, 陈文兰
    专利号 ZL 2021 1 0976976.2
  9. Dimensional crossover of quantum critical dynamics in many-body phase transitions.
    Zheng, Qinpei and Wang, Yuqing and Liang, Libo and Huang, Qi and Wang, Shuai and Xiong, Wei and Zhou, Xiaoji and Chen, Wenlan and Chen, Xuzong and Hu, Jiazhong.
    Phys. Rev. Res. 5, 013136 (2023).

  10. 2022

  11. Probing quantum many-body correlations by universal ramping dynamics.
    Libo Liang and Wei Zheng and Ruixiao Yao and Qinpei Zheng and Zhiyuan Yao and Tian-Gang Zhou and Qi Huang and Zhongchi Zhang and Jilai Ye and Xiaoji Zhou and Xuzong Chen and Wenlan Chen and Hui Zhai and Jiazhong Hu.
    Science Bulletin 64, 2550-2556 (2022).

  12. Quantum gas microscope assisted with T-shape vacuum viewports.
    Ye Tian and Zhongchi Zhang and Jilai Ye and Yajuan Zhao and Jiazhong Hu and Wenlan Chen.
    Opt. Express 30, 36912--36920 (2022).

  13. Bosonic fractional quantum Hall conductance in shaken honeycomb optical lattices without flat bands.
    Miao, Shiwan and Zhang, Zhongchi and Zhao, Yajuan and Zhao, Zihan and Wang, Huaichuan and Hu, Jiazhong.
    Phys. Rev. B 106, 054310 (2022).

  14. Preparation of the Spin-Mott State: A Spinful Mott Insulator of Repulsively Bound Pairs.
    De Hond, J., Xiang, J., Chung, W.C., Cruz-Colón, E., Chen, W., Burton, W.C., Kennedy, C.J., Ketterle.
    Physical Review Letters 128, 093401 (2022).

  15. 2021

  16. Observation of Many-Body Quantum Phase Transitions beyond the Kibble-Zurek Mechanism.
    Qi Huang, Ruixiao Yao, Libo Liang, Shuai Wang, Qinpei Zheng, Dingping Li, Wei Xiong, Xiaoji Zhou, Wenlan Chen, Xuzong Chen and Jiazhong Hu.
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 200601 (2021).

  17. Creation of Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger states with thousands of atoms by entanglement amplification.
    Yajuan Zhao, Rui Zhang, Wenlan Chen, Xiang-Bin Wang, and Jiazhong Hu.
    npj Quantum Information 7, 24 (2021).

    PDF Arxiv

  18. Hybrid evaporative cooling of 133Cs atoms to Bose-Einstein condensation.
    Yunfei Wang and Yuqing Li and Jizhou Wu and Wenliang Liu and Jiazhong Hu and Jie Ma and Liantuan Xiao and Suotang Jia.
    Opt. Express 29, 13960-13967 (2021).

  19. 2020

  20. Pattern formation in a driven Bose–Einstein condensate.
    Zhendong Zhang, Kai-Xuan Yao, Lei Feng, Jiazhong Hu, and Cheng Chin.
    Nature Physics 16, 652–656 (2020).

  21. 2019

  22. Geometrically asymmetric optical cavity for strong atom-photon coupling.
    Akio Kawasaki, Boris Braverman, Edwin Pedrozo, Chi Shu, Simone Colombo, Zeyang Li, Özge Özel, Wenlan Chen, Leonardo Salvi, André Heinz, David Levonian, Daisuke Akamatsu, Yanhong Xiao, and Vladan Vuletic.
    Physical Review A 99, 013437 (2019).

  23. Correlations in high-harmonic generation of matter-wave jets revealed by pattern recognition.
    Lei Feng, Jiazhong Hu, Logan Clark, and Cheng Chin.
    Science 363, 521–524 (2019).

  24. Quantum simulation of Unruh radiation.
    Jiazhong Hu, Lei Feng, Zhendong Zhang, Cheng Chin.
    Nature Physics 15, 785-789 (2019).

  25. 2018

  26. Density Waves and Jet Emission Asymmetry in Bose Fireworks.
    Han Fu, Lei Feng, Brandon Anderson, Logan Clark, Jiazhong Hu, Jeffery Andrade, Cheng Chin, and K. Levin.
    Physical Review Letters 121, 243001 (2018).

  27. 2017

  28. Creation of a Bose-condensed gas of 87Rb by laser cooling.
    Jiazhong Hu, Alban Urvoy, Zachary Vendeiro, Valentin Crépel, Wenlan Chen, and Vladan Vuletić.
    Science 358, 1078–1080 (2017).

  29. Vacuum spin squeezing.
    Jiazhong Hu, Wenlan Chen, Zachary Vendeiro, Alban Urvoy, Boris Braverman, and Vladan Vuletić.
    Physical Review A 96, 050301 (2017).

  30. Strictly nonclassical behavior of a mesoscopic system.
    Jiazhong Hu, Zachary Vendeiro, Wenlan Chen, Hao Zhang, Robert McConnell, Anders Sørensen, and Vladan Vuletić.
    Physical Review A 95, 030105 (2017).

  31. 2016

  32. Coherence Times of Bose-Einstein Condensates beyond the Shot-Noise Limit via Superfluid Shielding.
    William Burton, Colin Kennedy, Woo Chung, Samarth Vadia, Wenlan Chen, and Wolfgang Ketterle.
    Physical Review Letters 117, 275301 (2016).

  33. Partially Nondestructive Continuous Detection of Individual Traveling Optical Photons.
    Mahdi Hosseini, Kristin Beck, Yiheng Duan, Wenlan Chen, and Vladan Vuletić.
    Physical Review Letters 116, 033602 (2016).

  34. 2015

  35. Entanglement with negative Wigner function of almost 3,000 atoms heralded by one photon.
    Robert McConnell, Hao Zhang, Jiazhong Hu, Senka Ćuk, and Vladan Vuletić.
    Nature 519, 439-442 (2015).

  36. Carving Complex Many-Atom Entangled States by Single-Photon Detection.
    Wenlan Chen, Jiazhong Hu, Yiheng Duan, Boris Braverman, Hao Zhang, and Vladan Vuletić.
    Physical Review Letters 115, 250502 (2015).

  37. Entangled collective-spin states of atomic ensembles under nonuniform atom-light interaction.
    Jiazhong Hu, Wenlan Chen, Zachary Vendeiro, Hao Zhang, and Vladan Vuleti.
    Physical Review A 92, 063816 (2015).

  38. 2014

  39. Cross Modulation of Two Laser Beams at the Individual-Photon Level.
    Kristin Beck, Wenlan Chen, Qian Lin, and Michael Mikhail.
    Physical Review Letters 113, 113603-113603 (2014).

  40. 2013

  41. All-Optical Switch and Transistor Gated by One Stored Photon.
    Wenlan Chen, Kristin Beck, Robert Buecker, Michael Gullans, Mikhail Lukin, Haruka Tanji-Suzuki, and Vladan Vuletic.
    Science 341, 768 (2013).

  42. Generating Entangled Spin States for Quantum Metrology by Single-Photon Detection.
    Robert Mcconnell, Hao Zhang, Senka Ćuk, Jiazhong Hu, Monika Schleier-Smith, and Vladan Vuletić.
    Physical Review A 88, 063802 (2013).

  43. Efficient tomography of quantum-optical Gaussian processes probed with a few coherent states.
    Xiang-Bin Wang, Zong-Wen Yu, Jia-Zhong Hu, Adam Miranowicz, and Franco Nori.
    Physical Review A 88, 022101 (2013).

  44. 2011

  45. Vacuum-Induced Transparency.
    Haruka Tanji-Suzuki, Wenlan Chen, Renate Landig, Jonathan Simon, and Vladan Vuletic.
    Science 333, 1266-9 (2011).

  46. Quantum key distribution with the decoy-state method.
    Jiazhong Hu, and Xiangbin Wang.
    Scientia Sinica (Physica, Mechanica & Astronomica) 41, 459 (2011).

  47. 2010

  48. Protecting Two-Qubit Quantum States by π-Phase Pulses.
    Jiazhong Hu, Xiang-Bin Wang, and Leong Kwek.
    Physical Review A 82, 062317 (2010).

  49. Entanglement-distribution maximization over one-sided Gaussian noisy channels.
    Xiang-Bin Wang, Zong-Wen Yu, and Jia-Zhong Hu.
    Physical Review A 82, 8170-8177 (2010).

  50. Reexamination of the decoy-state quantum key distribution with an unstable source.
    Jia-Zhong Hu, and Xiang-Bin Wang.
    Physical Review A 82, 7815-7815 (2010).

  51. 2009

  52. Quantum cloning machine of a state in a belt of Bloch sphere.
    J. Hu, Z. Yu, and X. Wang.
    European Physical Journal D 51, 381-385 (2009).

  53. Enhancing the stabilizing robustness for optical frequency comb.
    Lin Yi, Xianghui Qi, Wenlan Chen, Jingbiao Chen, Xiaoji Zhou, and Xuzong Chen.
    Measurement 42, 711-715 (2009).

  54. Transferring the stability of iodine-stabilized diode laser at 634 nm to radio frequency by an optical frequency comb.
    Lin Yi, Xiang Qi, Wenlan Chen, Dawei Zhou, Tong Zhou, Xiaoji Zhou, and Xuzong Chen.
    Chinese Optics Letters 7, 36-38 (2009).

  55. 2008

  56. Optical phase locking with a large and tunable frequency difference based on a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser.
    Wenlan Chen, Xianghui Qi, Lin Yi, Ke Deng, and Zhong Wang.
    Optics Letters 33, 357-359 (2008).

  57. Enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio of optical frequency beating using open-loop photonic crystal fiber.
    Lin Yi, Xianghui Qi, Wenlan Chen, Jingbiao Chen, Xiaoji Zhou, and Xuzong Chen.
    Optics Communications 281, 4081-4087 (2008).

  58. Absolute frequency measurement on hyperfine transition R(59)8-4 of iodine molecule with phased locked femto-second laser.
    Jie Yuan, Lin Yi, Wen-Lan Chen, Xiang-Hui Qi, Zhong Wang, Nai-Cheng Shen, and Xu-Zong Chen.
    Chinese Journal of Quantum Electronics 25, 1-6 (2008).

  59. 2007

  60. Design of 780 nm external cavity semiconductor laser and higher harmonic frequency stabilization.
    Wen-Lan Chen, Jie Yuan, Xiang-Hui Qi, Lin Xi, Zhong Wang, Xin-Yuan Liu, and Xu-Zong Chen.
    Chinese Journal of Lasers 34, 895 (2007).

  61. Structure design and third-harmonic frequency stabilization of the external cavity semiconductor laser.
    Jie Yuan, Xuzong Chen, Wen-Lan Chen, Xiang-Hui Qi, Lin Yi, Zhong Wang, and Jing-Biao Chen.
    Infrared and Laser Engineering 36, 152-154 (2007).