Congratulations on Prof.Wenlan Chen's inclusion in Forbes' 2020 list of 50 Chinese women in science and technology

Prof. Wenlan Chen has been engaged in the experiment of ultracold atoms for many years, and has accumulated rich experience and achievements. She has won the national honors such as the 14th youth project of the thousand talents program and the general project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Doctor of physics, MIT.

In 2017, Prof. Wenlan Chen and her collaborators jointly invented and implemented a new laser cooling mechanism, which successfully achieved quantum degeneracy of rubidium atomic gas by laser cooling alone, greatly reduced the atomic loss of preparing degeneracy gas and improved the preparation speed, and created the second cooling scheme to achieve Bose Einstein condensation after evaporative cooling. This work was published in Science and reported by Physics Today. In the same year, Prof. Wenlan Chen predicted a new quantum phenomenon, that is, the vacuum field in the optical cavity can lead to multi-body interaction between atoms, thus compressing the uncertainty of spin to exceed the standard quantum limit. The work was published in Physical Review A by means of fast communication, and was verified by the NIST research team within a few months (the experiment was published in Science).

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