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Quantum Gases 2014: Synthetic Gauge Fields and Large Spin System

Organizers: Hui Zhai and Tin-Lun (Jason) Ho
August 26-28, 2014

The experimental successes of creating synthetic electromagnetic field and spin-orbit coupling a few years ago have since stimulated considerable research activities in cold atoms. Much of the great interest is driven by the large amount of novel phenomena at large magnetic field and at strong spin-orbit coupling that are difficult to realize in solid state systems but are possible with cold atoms. Recent experiments range from studying thermodynamic and dynamic properties of spin-orbit coupled bosons and fermions, to generating large synthetic magnetic flux in lattice quantum gases. The success of reaching strongly correlated regime in these settings will turn quantum gases powerful systems for realizing new classes of quantum matter.

During the same period, there have been significant developments in experiments on large spin quantum gases. High spin particles are unique to cold atoms. They have new types of ground states and a host of quantum phenomena that cannot be found in solid state systems. While there have been experimental studies of many aspects of high spin quantum gases, the study of many-body physics in these exciting systems are still at its infancy.

Quantum Gases 2014 will focus on these two blossoming areas. We plan to bring together the most active researchers in these areas to discuss the latest developments and the issues crucial for realizing various novel ground states.

Invited Speakers and Discussion Leaders:

Michael Chapman (Georgia Tech)
Shuai Chen (USTC)
Cheng Chin (Chicago)
Alexander Fetter (Stanford)
Leonardo Fallani (Florence)
Simon Folling (Munich)
David Hall (Amherst)
Gregor Jotzu (ETH)
Colin Kennedy (MIT)
Bruno Laburthe-Tolra (Univ-Paris 13)
Edward Marti (Berkeley)
Klaus Sengstock (Hamburg)
Dan Stamper-Kurn (Berkeley)
Sandro Stringari (Trento)
Yoshiiro Takshashi (Kyoto)
Dajun Wang (CUHK)
Congjun Wu (UCSD)
Jun Ye (JILA)
Jing Zhang (Shanxi)