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Quantum Gases 2010: Synthetic Gauge Fields

Organizers: Hui Zhai, Alexander Fetter and Tin-Lun (Jason) Ho
August 25-27, 2010

A charged quantum system often exhibits unusual phenomena when subjected to high magnetic fields. Well-known examples are the integer and fractional quantum Hall effects discovered in two-dimensional electron gases. Although atoms are neutral and do not couple to real electromagnetic fields, an effective gauge field can be created, for instance, by using atom-light interaction and Berry phase effect. This method can also be used to create a non-abelian external gauge potentials. This workshop will focus on recent theory and experimental advances in studying ultracold atoms in abelian and non-abelian gauge fields

Invited Speakers:

Ian Spielman (NIST)
Gordon Baym (UIUC)
Xiao-Gang Wen (MIT)
Kenneth G√ľnter (ENS)
Julius Ruseckas (Vilnius)
Mehmet Oktel (Bilkent)
C. Morais Smith (Utrecht)
Erich Mueller (Cornell)
Nigel Cooper (Cambridge)
Congjun Wu (UCSD)