Quantum Gases 2024

Quantum Gases 2024

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Quantum Gases 2024

Organizers: Hui Zhai, Jiazhong Hu, Wenlan Chen and Tin-Lun (Jason) Ho
Organized by:
Institute for Advanced Study and Department of Physics, Tsinghua University

August 28-30, 2024

Recent progress in ultracold atomic gases is highly exciting from many perspectives. Atom arrays provide a new platform for studying quantum many-body physics and offer promises for universal quantum computation. Novel quantum systems, such as bosonic molecules, are brought into quantum degeneracy. Unexpected novel dynamical many-body phenomena have been discovered in recent experiments. This conference focuses on these emergent excitements in this field, including (but not limited to)
This conference is a series of biannual conferences on ultracold atomic gases held at Tsinghua University since 2010, interrupted by the pandemic in 2020 and 2022. The information on the previous conferences is listed below.

Invited Speakers: (continuously updated)

Hannes Bernien (Chicago)
Nir Navon (Yale)
Pai Peng (Princeton)
Sebastian Will (Columbia University)
Xinyu Luo (MPQ)
Dajun Wang (CUHK)
Jean-Philippe Brantut (EPFL)
Lawrence Cheuk (Princeton)
Flavien Gyger (MPQ)
Yunpeng Ji (Stanford)
William Milner (University of Colorado)
Gabriel Patenotte (Harvard)
John Doyle (Harvard)